The 15 best business management software

Some tasks such as tracking sales, managing inventory or creating quotes and invoices can be complex and time consuming. That’s why companies are using business management software to save time and generate more sales. Here is a selection of the 12 best business management software.

What is a commercial management software?

Commercial management software are specific tools. Having a database, they ensure the management of the compatibility while carrying out a variety of other tasks like the management of the orders, the commercial follow-up, the customer relation, etc.

These computer products perform various actions. They store all customer and supplier information for future use. They generate purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices. They also monitor ongoing activities for customers and suppliers.

Business management software is a definite asset for companies. Thanks to a constantly updated database, these tools facilitate accounting operations. Employees gain more time to take care of other tasks. Thanks to a real time follow-up, the software optimizes the stock of the companies by programming the replenishments.

Finally, they increase the company’s profitability. A follow-up of orders, invoices and payments makes them autonomous from the accounting department, without human intervention.

Top 15 best business management software

There is a wide variety of business management software on the market. Here are the 12 best solutions to help you better control your business activities.

1. monday CRM

Monday CRM is an all-in-one management tool that also includes CRM functionality for sales management. Use out-of-the-box templates to customize your CRM system, or quickly create any sales pipeline you need to make a real business impact. With this software, you can manage every part of your business and get a 360-degree perspective of every customer.

Whether it’s tracking leads, managing sales channels or onboarding your customers,’s CRM is fully customizable so your team can get started instantly with no training required.See our review of monday sales CRM

2. Axonaut

Pipe Commerciale

Axonaut is a simplified tool designed to manage business operations. It allows you to manage your agenda in an optimal way. All the contacts of your customers or prospects are archived. You can thus easily reach them or organize appointments. From the exchanges made, the software draws up a history helping you to think about your commercial strategies. In just a few clicks, you can obtain a summary of the exchanges and discover new opportunities for collaboration.

Thanks to this commercial management software, you can quickly draw up estimates. Dedicated fields will allow you to draw up invoices or to follow-up on customers. For more security, Axonaut is connected to the Cloud to allow you to efficiently backup all your sensitive data.See our review of Axonaut

3. Teamleader

Teamleader CRM

Teamleader is a feature-rich, easy-to-use business management software that combines customer relationship management, billing and project management. This all-in-one solution is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses organize their sales processes and workflows, communicate effectively and build stronger relationships with their customers, and increase the productivity and cooperation of their teams.

Teamleader, enables users to work smarter, provides an online CRM that makes it easy to manage contacts and track customer interactions. Users can make calls and record their conversations with customers directly from the tool. It also has a built-in calendar that allows them to keep track of all their tasks, meetings and phone calls.See our review of Teamleader

4. Sellsy

Sellsy tableau de bord

Sellsy is the 100% online business management software for companies and individuals who want to improve their growth. This digital platform includes all the necessary tools for prospecting, sales, payment, cash management … in short, everything related to commercial activities.

This CRM software is one of the most complete on the market. It offers a range of functions that can replace a basic ERP. From contact management to financial reporting, including purchasing management, pre-accounting and cash flow forecasting, Sellsy has been designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Its advantage? Simple and quick to learn, its interface is as intuitive as it is modern, offering an optimal user experience.

5. Hubspot’s Sales Hub

Sales Hub Hubspot

Prospecting, strengthening customer relationships and managing sales activities have never been easier with Hubspot’s Sales Hub CRM software. The market leader, this solution is the most comprehensive on the market, catering to the needs of both small and large businesses, regardless of industry.

Powerful and powerful at the same time, it has the leading features to optimize sales interactions, create quotes, perform reporting, and even analysis. Using Hubspot’s Sales Hub not only saves your teams time, but also allows them to focus on the essentials.

Because all your data is centralized on one platform, you can gain complete visibility into your sales pipeline and determine the different opportunities available to your business.

6. noCRM

noCRM is a sales management software designed for sellers who want to close more deals without having to waste time filling out forms. It is much more powerful than a spreadsheet, and much easier to use than a CRM.

Unlike traditional CRM software, noCRM improves productivity by helping salespeople create leads in seconds from any source, including email, cell phones, websites, business cards, spreadsheets and various other applications.

The software puts leads at the heart of the system, allowing you to manage your end-to-end sales cycle. Simple visual tools allow managers and reps to monitor the health of their pipeline at a glance.

7. Divalto weavy

Divalto Weavy

Customer interactions are more than just a sales strategy. Divalto weavy’s raison d’être is to bring salespeople closer to both their back office colleagues and their customers.

Divalto weavy is an open, feature-rich, highly configurable, state-of-the-art business management software. It integrates with a variety of third-party applications, as well as other enterprise tools and applications (marketing, automation, messaging platforms, web tracking, etc.).

The solution is compatible with all ERP software on the market, including Divalto infinite, as well as Cegid, Infor, Microsoft, Sage and SAP, among others.

8. Sales Cloud from Salesforce

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is Salesforce’s all-in-one CRM software. Based on the cloud, it was designed to meet the needs of salespeople and sales departments. Optimized by AI, it allows you to work more efficiently and be more productive thanks to the automation of certain tasks such as data entry or predictive analysis.

Sales Cloud allows you to work and sell intelligently. Its tools have been designed to manage and improve your sales process from A to Z. Opportunity management, sales automation, forecast management are some of the features that this solution offers.

Using Sales Cloud gives you the ability to effectively track and manage your customers, align your sales, improve your productivity, marketing ROI, but most importantly your customer relationship.

9. EBP


EBP offers 2 types of sales management tools. The first product, the Commercial Management Software ACTIV, is available from 35 euros HT per month. Thanks to it, the establishment of sales documents is automated. Similarly, it ensures orders and restocking as well as customer reminders. This tool also has a dashboard and draws up statistics for a better follow-up of your activities. Finally, there is an EBP mobile application dedicated to quotes.

The second product, Commercial Management Software PRO, includes all the features of the ACTIV version. It also has other programs in addition. It is available from 59 euros HT per month. It differs from the previous version thanks to its periodic invoicing and resource planning functions.

10. Sage


Sage’s business management software is also divided into 2 categories. Sage Business Cloud Accounting & Billing is designed for micro-businesses. This online software takes care of your accounting and invoicing. Thanks to it, make estimates and invoices according to the latest legislations. It also allows you to manage your bank accounts, your stocks or your sales. This tool is also a precious help for the drafting of your declarations.

VSEs turn instead to Sage 50cloud Ciel. This tool facilitates commercial and accounting activities as well as customer follow-up and reminders. It efficiently manages stocks to facilitate inventory. Finally, with this software, it is possible to improve your sales strategies while respecting the law.

11. Cegid


Cegid offers a wide variety of business management software. Each product is designed for a specific entity. However, they have as common functions to manage efficiently your accounting and commercial activities. This software aims to optimize your organizational skills by relieving you of time-consuming tasks.

Cegid XRP Flex is designed for small and medium-sized businesses, while the XRP Ultimate version is more suitable for decentralized companies. These tools are ideal for both office and store-based activities. This is particularly the case with Cegid Retail, which enables efficient control of purchases from the Web to the physical store.

12. Archipelia


Among the various commercial management software, you will find Archipelia. This tool is a complete solution to lighten your activities within your company. In a few clicks, control your purchases and sales. The software automatically establishes your estimates and invoices for the various actions within your company.

Archipelia also takes care of your procurement. Location of items, remaining stock or replenishment are managed automatically. The tool also centralizes all your data. It gathers contact information for future use. It also helps you manage your planning and the strategies to be applied for the development of your business.

13. Evoliz


Evoliz is an online business management software that facilitates all your business activities. Running on Mac and Windows, this application relieves you of many commercial, accounting and administrative tasks. Indeed, the tool manages your quotes and invoices as well as your purchases, expenses, orders or delivery notes.

Evoliz software is designed for VSEs and SMEs. It also controls your customer reminders, your down payments, your credit notes and your customer portfolio. This tool can be used by many collaborators and also provides dashboards to help you refine your sales strategies and reach your objectives.

14. Gestimum


The Gestimum commercial management software is a product dedicated to SMEs. It has been designed to manage all the commercial missions of companies. It also takes care of the entity’s accounting and finances to reduce time-consuming daily tasks.

With Gestimum, you will have an interface to manage all your actions. Easy to use, the software establishes relationships with customers and suppliers. It also manages purchases, sales and stocks. It also ensures the budgetary and operational analyses of the company. Thus, it carries out reporting to improve the commercial strategies and the turnover.

15. Kwixeo


Kwixeo is one of the commercial management software offering complete solutions for companies. With this tool, create files for your customers and prospects. These data will help you build loyalty among your prospects and turn them into regular customers. In a few clicks, manage appointments and increase your network.

With Kwixeo, take advantage of different management modules. Stock control, purchases and sales or opportunities… the software takes care of everything for you. It even creates invoices and manages your credit notes. As a collaborative tool, this product provides all employees with a common agenda. It also has an internal messaging system and a task sharing file to facilitate work.

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