Which business management software to choose in 2023?

Managing the internal and external data of a company is not as simple as it seems. For a good organization, the use of management software is essential. The objective of this software is to standardize the entire administration system. They facilitate the processing of commercial and administrative data and minimize the risk of errors and duplication. With different advantages, it is more than necessary to implement a management software.

Top 12 business management software

There is no right or wrong time to install business management software. Whether a company is just starting up or growing, it’s always a good idea to get the best tools.

However, its implementation must be accompanied by a deep reflection. And for good reason, a software that is not adapted to your needs will paralyze your company’s operations. Here are some of the best business management software.

1. Axonaut

Logiciel de gestion

Axonaut is among the best French business management software. Launched in 2017, it has several quasi-complete management tools for VSEs and SMEs. Its main asset is that it combines the functions of an ERP and a business management software.

Axonaut has several features aimed at lightening the daily tasks. It is equipped with a personalized agenda and tracks all customer appointments. This module also allows the manager to have an overview of the roles and performance of each of his employees.

Axonaut is not limited to the management of the commercial part. It also presents an accounting and treasury module, as well as a human resources module.

Axonaut software establishes an automatic balance sheet of the company’s activities. It is able to generate the forecasted budget and to define the sales cycle. This revolutionary all-in-one tool is used from the prospecting of customers to the collection and editing of invoices. See our full review of Axonaut

2. monday.com

monday gestion entreprise

Leading retailers and e-commerce sites choose monday.com business management software. Monday.com is highly adaptable and works independently. Its functionalities can be adjusted according to the needs of the company. The software also offers 200 templates to create your work content.

monday.com is a real online workspace. All employees can interact via the network. It facilitates the planning of all activities. The flows generated on the platform are automatically synchronized with all other tasks. Its online operation allows it to be updated at any time, even outside the office.

No matter what hardware you use, monday.com remains functional thanks to its customizable interface. It is the ideal software to manage, store, organize and communicate.See our full review of monday.com

3. Teamleader


Teamleader eliminates the daily problems associated with running a business. This work management software allows you to sell, invoice and organize your work in one place.

Teamleader helps you and your team work smarter so your small business can thrive. By combining CRM, project management, and billing functionality into one intuitive software solution, Teamleader enables your team to collaborate, organize, and grow your business.

By centralizing all this data, you can end the clutter of information scattered across multiple workbooks, Excel sheets and various tools. You’ll get a complete picture of your company’s sales opportunities, projects and payments in progress, as well as an in-depth look at its actual performance.

A simple interface and a variety of integrations allow your company to stay efficient, optimize workflow and work smarter.See our full review of Teamleader

4. Pennylane


Pennylane simplifies the process of collaboration between executives and their accountants by bringing together all of a company’s financial flows into a centralized location where they are updated in real time. Pennylane enables executives to improve their decision-making and streamline their management in the process. They can access all their accurate, up-to-date and actionable data, as well as pay their purchases and manage their invoices.

Pennylane aggregates all your financial information using APIs. You set them up once and your data is automatically retrieved in Pennylane. You can connect your Pennylane account to your bank account, Stripe, GoCardless, Revolut, PayFit, etc. And if you store your invoices on Google Drive, you can connect Pennylane to that as well.

The solution then scans this data set using optical character recognition and pre-fills the accounting information. The result is that companies get a clear overview of their financial data.

Launched in 2020, Pennylane already supports several thousand business leaders.

5. Zoho

Zoho Suite

Zoho is a complete suite of applications that will help you manage your business. These applications are available in both native and mobile versions. They will give you centralized administrative control and enterprise level controls.

This software suite includes a CRM application, a project management application, an HR platform and a free invoice creation application. We can also mention the Books application that allows you to track and prepare your finances. These are just some of its most remarkable features.

Security is provided through multi-factor authentication, IP restrictions and password policy.

With over 40 integrated applications, Zoho could be the single management solution you need to manage and automate multiple processes across your organization.

6. Sage

Sage Gestion

The Sage software is one of the most requested and supplied accounting management tools. It has no less than three million users worldwide.

The Sage Business Cloud software includes several features. In particular, it has an accounting and commercial management module, a payroll and human resources module and a business management module. Each of them is accompanied by a specific tool.

Sage100cloud ERP software allows for optimal business administration. It plays a major role in the development of SMEs. Its management system facilitates the management of accounting, commercial and production operations. Its ergonomics allows planning, budgeting and linking all production chains.

Sage x3 is a flexible and practical business management tool. It allows you to manage commercial, administrative and financial tasks in a single interface. Its powerful system has the capacity to link all the company’s subsidiaries.

Sage FRP 1000 is the ideal tool for managing company finances. With this software, all data is harmonized.

7. QuickBooks


Managing accounting has never been easier with QuickBooks. In a few clicks, the software provides a list of all unpaid invoices. QuickBooks generates statistics and performs a performance study. Moreover, it is compatible with all devices: both Macbook, PC, iOS and Android.

Accounting reporting becomes an easy task with this tool. Thanks to its powerful analysis system, it is capable of producing the company’s forecasted budget.

QuickBooks features differ depending on the package you choose. The Simple Start offers the basic functions of an invoicing software. It is especially recommended for small businesses and self-employed people. Essentials is the most popular version. It takes care of the management of invoices, the follow-up of expenses and the establishment of a dashboard. Artisans, merchants and consultants are the main targets.

The Follow-up version brings together all the above-mentioned functionalities. The piloting and the follow-up of the results of the company are its great plus. It is intended for all forms and structures.

8. Pandra


Pandra is an all-in-one business management solution that meets all your needs. You will have access to a multitude of tools through a user-friendly, ergonomic and collaborative interface. These tools will allow you to manage your business more efficiently while increasing your performance.

There are many functionalities such as project management, sales management, invoicing, ticket management, or planning.

Pandra was developed so that the management of a company can be organized more efficiently and improved at all levels. Because it is inefficient and costly to operate an ecosystem that requires the use of multiple tools, one of the main goals of the solution is to consolidate all functionality in one place.

The automation process has been applied to all time-consuming tasks. It will no longer be necessary to spend time on accounting or administration in order to stay focused on the most important aspects of your business.

9. Dune Management

Dune Gestion

Dune Gestion is an ERP software designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Through its various modules, the management of daily activities of the company is simplified.

Dune Gestion ensures a complete follow-up of all commercial and financial files. It creates a dashboard to allow managers to see the overall status of the company. A graph of the company’s financial situation and web statistics are available in its widgets. This powerful tool is also equipped with a specific internal forum and an asset management feature.

Dune Gestion performs several tasks, from making appointments to managing invoices.

10. Odoo


Odoo is an open source software with the main modules of ERP and CRM software. Its dozens of applications satisfy all the needs of the company in terms of management. Through a single interface and various applications, it is possible to manage all the company’s activities.

Each Odoo application works independently. However, they are linked, synchronized and complementary. The whole process is done automatically so that no mistakes are made. Management is centralized, although several technologies are involved.

Odoo has a large community of developers. Applications for sales, inventory, accounting, marketing, etc. are available through the platform.

11. Evoliz

Gestion Evoliz

Evoliz is the billing and management software par excellence. It offers the main functionalities of an ERP tool, including sales management, financial management and customer and supplier resource management.

Its simplicity is its strength. On Evoliz, complicated technical terms of the accounting field have no place. For this reason, it is the main ally of independent entrepreneurs who are new to the field.

The Evoliz software provides very small businesses with all the features of large group ERP systems. It ensures the management of all transactions, establishes an activity report and a profit and loss statement. Finally, it has a complete online access system. Thus, entrepreneurs always have the company’s data at their fingertips.

12. Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a suite that gathers all the Google functionalities. Formerly G-suite, several actions can be performed through this workspace. Google Calendar facilitates the planning of customer appointments and meetings within the group. Via Google Sheets and Google Docs, it is possible to edit documents online.

Google Sites allows the creation of websites for the company. Google Workspace offers a more powerful version of the Gmail email service. The service offers a storage capacity of up to 30 GB per user. Finally, Google Drive offers a storage space of 15 GB per user.

Business management software : how to choose it ?

For years, the use of digital technology has been gaining space in the daily life of Man, but especially in the professional world. Whatever the sector of activity, using new technologies is the ideal solution to maximize the turnover of a company. If before, increasing production was the main concern of managers, nowadays, they are interested in optimizing all functional aspects. Engineers have put in place numerous computer tools, such as business management software, to facilitate their task.

The advantages of a business management software

A business management software, ERP or PGI is the essential tool to collect and process data from the main branches of a company. It is a complete device, easy to use, but above all reliable. Its use provides many advantages, namely :

Time saving in the accomplishment of tasks:

Some tasks are time consuming. With the use of business management software, most work processes are accelerated. On the one hand, this allows all employees to save time. On the other hand, they can concentrate on other missions with high added value, whether it is in human resources, accounting, marketing or many other fields, all benefit from it. This powerful tool therefore helps you in the execution of your work.

A global view of the company’s activities and health:

A business management software embraces all the facets and services of a company. From the follow-up of your human resources to the accounting part, through logistics, sales, etc. everything is under your control. Therefore, this computer tool offers you the possibility to have a general vision on the reality of your company. You can thus follow in real time the evolution of your sales, your financial situation, the planning of your personnel… After analysis of the data collected by your software, you can draw the key performance indicators, deduce the possible faults and bring strategic solutions.

A reduction in administrative tasks:

Switching to the use of digital technology proves to be very efficient for a better management of daily tasks. All you have to do is schedule them with a dedicated tool. Besides, a business management software has a dashboard in which you can see the tasks done, those in progress and those to come. In order not to skip a step in your work, you can add reminders. You will receive a notification when a deadline approaches. Apart from that, you have a clear and global view of the administrative processes and can follow their evolution.

Optimization of work processes:

The accomplishment of a project or a mission implies the collaboration between different actors within a company. The expertise as well as the skills of each person are necessary to achieve the set objectives. For a good organization, a better coordination and an effective communication between them, what better than to use an ERP software. It integrates a tool that allows you to optimize the follow-up and management of your project.

Important features

Thanks to the advances in technology, forget the archaic methods and make way for business management software to manage your daily activities. It is to be remembered that a company integrates different departments within it, to be able to function properly and thus meet the expectations of its customers. Therefore, make sure that your ERP software has several tools that ensure the daily needs of your business. Among the functionalities necessary to optimize your activities, you need a software of :

  • Human resources management,
  • Financial management,
  • Management of accounting and payroll,
  • Inventory management,
  • Order management,
  • Supply and distribution management,
  • Management of e-commerce,
  • Customer relationship management,
  • Project management, etc.

This list is not exhaustive and the tools offered by your solution may change according to your needs.

What criteria should you use to choose your business management software?

The management of a company has an impact on its development. When it is well managed, monitored and controlled, you will accumulate positive results. Otherwise, it can lead to losses. It is therefore essential to choose the ERP software you will use. For this, a few factors should be considered, namely:

  • The needs of your company: Before any project, it is necessary to make an inventory, to study and analyze the internal and external environment of your company, because any decision takes that into account. There are many ERP solutions on the market. Some have similarities, others offer additional options. Therefore, make your choice based on your needs. Take a look at your business. Make a list of software, and note which one best meets your expectations. However, already anticipate the evolutions that may come to you. To make your choice, think on the one hand about the present and future needs of your company, on the other hand about the needs of your customers.
  • Software availability: The data provided and collected by your ERP software must be accessible to all employees, not only within the office, but even remotely. Therefore, opt for a business management software based on cloud technology. This guarantees security and mobility.
  • The prices of the different solutions : The price, a criterion that greatly influences a purchase decision. Of course, there are different ERP software on the market. Their price varies according to the functionalities they integrate. We therefore recommend that you make a comparison between them or ask a specialist for advice, always taking into account the needs of your company.

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