A Guide To Video Editing

In the past, only professionals could edit videos. Now, on a tight budget, YOU can edit your own videos. And I’ll direct you and let you know what you require.

Basically, the equipment you need is:

– a recent computer

– a camcorder

– video editing software

Any kind of budget can find a camcorder. If you’re a novice, we advise investing in a digital camcorder. It will be a lot easier. However, you’ll need a converter, so an analog can be good too.

Although most computers will function, they must be relatively new. The minimum would be a Pentium III 600 with 256 Megs of RAM, and we would suggest having more RAM than that. To transfer your video directly from your digital camcorder to your computer, your PC needs to have a capture card. On the computer, film takes up a lot of room! Take into account having at least 80 or 120 GB. If not, you could always purchase an external drive. You might also want to have a good video card and sound card.

The exciting part is now here: the video editing program. One of the most well-liked is Adobe Premiere Elements. but perhaps not the one you really need. On my website dedicated to making movies, I’ve written numerous reviews. If you want to avoid using the software’s basic features only, you might also want to think about purchasing a guide on how to use it.

Now, get going, get inventive, add a variety of special effects, organize your footage into various sequences, make transitions, and add a soundtrack. Professional software and equipment are accessible to you on a variety of budgets, so you can edit your family videos or attempt to create a quick online video clip.

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