MB6-894 Exam: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Development, Extensions, and Deployment

A series of exams designed by Microsoft to assess various technological skills has been made available. A different set of technical abilities to carry out and use the functions of technology are demonstrated by the candidates in each exam.

The “MB6-894” exam is a part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 series. This article has discussed the exam’s specifics in the sections below. This article has also highlighted the key exam topics.


This exam is a part of a series that tests candidates’ knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365’s “Development, Extensions, and Deployment” capabilities. For Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Finance and Operations, these skills are necessary. Microsoft provides and administers the online proctored MB6-894 Exam for nations other than the United States. In every nation, the exam is offered in English. The exam’s $165.00 USD registration fee is subject to change at any time without prior notice. MCP and MCSA certifications are required for exam eligibility.

Overview of Exam Topics:

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Development, Extension, and Deployment knowledge and skill assessment is based on the topics listed by Microsoft. Candidates for the MB6-894 exam must show that they have the technical knowledge necessary to complete the tasks related to Microsoft Dynamics 365’s operations and finance.

The candidates must have the understanding of “Architecture and Development Environment,” as this subject’s relative weight in the exam ranges between 20 and 25 percent. About 20 – 25% of the exam questions are based on the understanding and knowledge required to “Develop new elements by using Application Explorer”.

The knowledge and understanding regarding “Reading and Writing Basic X++” which is about 20 – 25% of the exam. Other than these topics about 20 – 25% portion of the exam is about “Managing the User Interface and Security for Developers” and 15 – 20% is about “Development and Extension of Retail components”.

Targeted Audience:

The developers, technical consultants, IT programmers, and IT personnel are the target audience for Microsoft’s MB6-894 Exam. For Microsoft Dynamics 365, the candidates must be able to implement both the fundamental and technical development tasks. The candidates must have a basic understanding of programming and the procedures used in areas such as finance, operations, and retail modifications.

Preparation Options:

All of the subjects covered in the MB6-894 exam are tested in the “self-paced” training provided by Microsoft. In order to comprehend the range of questions tested, the candidates can also find various videos and tutorials. It is also possible to take a number of online assessments and courses.

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