Summertime Essentials for EPOS

You must get ready for the summer season so that you can manage the extra customers that will be present during this time. We stand ready to provide you with the ideal product combination to streamline your operation and increase your profits during the busiest time of year.

We can assist you with some of the products you need for your company if you plan to do any outside catering.

Food and drink order pads

With the aid of waiter pads, you can take customers’ orders for food and beverages right at their tables. It aids waiters in placing orders and sending them to the kitchen printer and epos system as well. By doing away with messy handwriting, it helps prevent some expensive mistakes. In order to ensure that no details or sales opportunities are overlooked, waitstaff are also encouraged by the use of waiter pads to ask the crucial questions. It functions on tablets as well with the aid of a secured connection. No matter where you are on the property, make sure your connection is strong and secure.

Add further terminals

Additionally, the rental model makes it simple to add additional terminals for those busy times. This feature is especially helpful for tablets that run Windows because they can be used as an extra waiter pad or even a kitchen display if necessary.

Wireless table payments

In order to use WiFi connections to accept payments at the table, EPOS Direct offers wireless solutions. In busy restaurants, cafés, pubs, bars, and other establishments, payments like card payments can also be added to complete the transaction quickly.

Understand what is selling, when and why

You have immediate access to your company’s most recent sales data thanks to robust reporting with live sales. With the help of the EPOS system, you can forecast your sales and make future plans by viewing historical trends and patterns. On a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis, you can receive reports.

Keep track of your stock

During peak times, it can be very challenging to maintain optimal stock levels. Ensure that you never run out of stock while reducing wastage. In order to have the best chance of maximizing sales with the least amount of inventory, an EPOS system enables you to accurately project when you need to reorder stock items as well as the quantity of stock required.

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